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adam wills author, business owner, and internet marketer

Who is Adam Wills?

Over the past 20 years, Adam has helped fellow business owners and entrepreneurs succeed online through his successful yet straight forward philosophy – to keep things simple.

Starting from his dorm room in college, he founded a successful tech company that went public on NASDAQ.  His next company became a global leader in the Web Hosting and Datacenter industry.  Combined his companies have generated over $250M in sales.

Today Adam utilizes the same growth techniques and marketing skills of his successful career to help business owners and entrepreneurs grow and get their message out to the marketplace.

 Business Owner & Entrepreneur

Adam Wills Career

Over $250+ Million Dollars in Revenue

Attracted Hundreds Of Millions Of Web Visitors

Generated A Billion+ Web Page Views

Over 25 Years Experience Online

Built Several 7-Figure and 8-Figure Businesses

Helped Over 14,350 Business Owners Grow

Adam Wills Founder of Ai Web Agency
Adam Wills Launched His first Nasdaq IPO in 1998

Nasdaq Launched IPO Raising $50M

Launched Multiple 7-Figure and 8-Figure Businesses

adam wills career history as a founder and business owner with popular brands such as The Ai Web Agency, Ai Host, WebSite Analytics Ai, Uptime Eagle, TurnKey Internet, Quonix, Colohouse, BiznessOnline, Global 2000, SEO Fox, Review Eagle and more!
adam wills as seen on cbs, nbc, fox, abc and more

Adam Wills has been featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and multiple local cable networks as both guest speaker and featured segments.  Adam has been an expert analyst tapped by the media for Internet, Technology, and Marketing as well as showcased for his multiple successful businesses and honors while located in New York’s Capital Region.


The Early Life

Adam Wills Early Years

Adam Wills grew up in a small fishing town in New England and began honing his sales and marketing skills at the early age of 11 operating his first business, a paper route that paid a quarter per client per week that grew into one of the largest routes in northern New England.

Adam’s first exposure to a computer started at age 12 when his father brought home an Apple II for his mom to write novels on instead of the bulky typewriter.  Adam was fascinated with everything about the computer and had an appetite to learn everything about how that computer worked.  By age 13 he was working as a dishwasher to save up enough for his very own computer, a Commodore 64 and a 2400 baud modem to talk online with others (years before the Internet).   Adam ran up a $240 phone bill in the first month using that computer and 2400 baud modem, and spent the rest of his summer working as a dishwasher to pay off that long distance bill to his parents.

That computer began the springboard to teaching himself computer programming and online communications – which would lead to the founding of his first company in college years later.

Adam moved to New York to study and complete his degree in Computer Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  He has resided in the Capital Region of New York now for over 20 years.



adam wills as seen on cbs
adam wills as seen on abc
adam wills as seen on NBC
adam wills honored by 40 under 40 award
adam wills as seen on fox
adam wills as seen on cbs

Troy Record – Datacenter Open

adam wills as seen on abc

Times Union – Giving Back

adam wills as seen on NBC

Times Union – Coping Success

adam wills honored by 40 under 40 award

Small Business Administration

adam wills as seen on fox

New York State DEC Award

adam wills as seen on fox

Interview with Adam Wills

Onward & Upward

Adam Wills Career Start

Adam Wills changed his life by walking out of a job interview – true story.

“I didn’t even last 60 seconds in the waiting room before I realized this wasn’t going to be for me,” he said. “I walked out to the parking lot, got in my car, and opened up the paper again to look at the job postings. The next job I went after was a computer programmer.”

That position lead to him co-founding Global 2000 Inc., Upstate New York’s first Internet company, in 1994. In 1998, Global 2000, successfully rebranded as as it launched on NASDAQ as a publicly traded company with Adam taking the chief technology officer role overseeing the integration and acquisition of over 20 additional Internet companies over the next 3 years.

It was in the early 2000s that Wills formed TurnKey Internet a web hosting, cloud services, and Datacenter company that grew to more than 15,000 clients in 130 countries.  Combined his companies have generated over $250M in sales under his leadership.

adam wills in web hosting and datacenter

To this day I still wonder what if I had just stayed in that interview room and decided to sell knives door to door?

Adam Wills


Awards and Honors

Adam has been recognized, honored, and distinguished by federal and state governments, lawmakers, financial institutions,  print and broadcast media, and even provided a distinguished letter of recognition from the Congress of the United States over the term of his career.

adam wills 40 under 40 honor 2013
adam wills as seen on cbs

Business Review 40 under 40 Honor


I offer an introductory growth strategy consultation to those business owners who are interested in expanding to the next level.   Just fill out the form with how I can help.

First it was just tools and strategies I had developed over the last decade, so I could compete against huge companies for a fraction of the cost.   We were growing 30% to 50% year over year, and spending less than 1% on Marketing – the system I had developed was a game changer for us.

One day it literally hit me in the face when one of my clients asked me how I was growing a business that fast, and I realized what I had developed could work as a tool and strategy for other business owners.

That is where the concept for The AI Web Agency came from – and now today I am honored to serve these business owners and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their dreams.

Adam Wills

Founder, The AI Web Agency

The AI Web Agency - helping business grow

Serving Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

The AI Web Agency

Adam Wills founded what would become the AI Web Agency in 2019.  What started as marketing techniques, growth strategies, and software tools developed for his own companies over the years quickly became the foundation for what help set free other business owners and entrepreneurs to be able to grow and compete with companies 100x their size.

The AI Web Agency has been a decade-long passion project for Adam, that took root in the early 2000s with his prior company.  Having spent years building and utilizing technology to modify manual processes into automated marketing growth strategies, he developed techniques to be at the top of search engines and how to demonstrate social-proof and trust (long before phrases like 5-star review or social-proof even where used by marketers).

Over the years as technology evolved – and with the introduction of AI in late 2022, Adam went to work with his development team. He took these growth strategies and the marketing psychology behind his prior businesses that generated over $250M in sales, and combined it with cutting-edge technology powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) to deliver results for businesses of any size.  

Today The AI Web Agency helps clients get their message out to the marketplace by utilizing Lead Generation combined with Sales Funnels, Lead Magnets, Email Autoresponders connected with optimized landing pages to drive growth using the very same strategies, techniques, and automation tools that helped Wills’ companies grow and be successful.

 Community Focused


Adam’s mission has always been integrated into the community and giving back through Technology donations, philanthropy, and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs in the Capital Region and online across the globe.

Adam’s company created and donated the web-based online giving portal that served as the center for online donations of the Freihofer’s Run for Women in the Capital of New York – a game changer at the time to allow online donations, registrations, and awareness for a great cause.  The New online portal changed the way community groups (The Junior 3k Run, and more) raise funds that year and has been part of their program ever since.

 Adam’s inner entrepreneur spirit has driven him from his first paperboy route to this moment always wanting to help other entrepreneurs grow and succeed.  He has made many additional sponsorships that have included the multiple regional Chambers of Commerce and mentoring via the Entrepreneur boot camps, and local investor groups that serve as advisors and mentors to start-ups across Upstate New York.



entrepreneurship assistance
entrepreneur mentoring and advisor
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The Inside

Personal Life

 Adam is a family man blessed to be with the love of his life, Prinzka.  Together they have four children, four dogs, four cats, (and a few ducks) living in Upstate New York.  

When not with family, Adam can be found continuing his fitness and health journey, out on the water, or up in the sky (sometimes physically, not just mentally!). 

adam wills personal life - family first
adam wills family values


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